Post-processing is an essential stage in the printing process that involves various operations to complete printed products and ensure their quality and compliance. We perform different types of post-processing for printing works, ensuring: folding, gluing, laminating, hot foil stamping, embossing, die-cutting, UV coating, perforating, hole punching, stapling, and manual labor, which are often indispensable. Post-processing plays a crucial role as it involves the final finishing operations after the printing process to refine and complete printed products. These operations encompass several important functions:

  1. Post-processing involves various finishing operations such as cutting, laminating, gluing, creasing, perforating, or stapling. These operations are performed to achieve the correct size, shape, appearance, and durability, making the printed products ready for use.
  2. Before products are delivered to the client, a quality control process is carried out to ensure that the final result meets quality standards and the client's requirements.
  3. Post-processing also includes the packaging process to protect the printed products, preserve their quality, and ensure a high-quality delivery.

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