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The team's experience, education, and expertise ensures excellent results in every project. Our reputation is built on outstanding service and product quality.

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Zemgus growth


Establishment and the first printing press purchased


Purchase of a two-color printing press


Purchase of a four-color printing press


Purchase of a five-color printing press


Purchase of a six-color printing press
Investment - €1 mill.


Investment - €0,5 mill.


Investment - €0,3 mill. 


Planned investmen - €1,8 mill.


When implementing projects entrusted by our clients, we choose sustainable solutions, paying great attention to environmental protection and social responsibility. Our main principles include:
  • Environmental protection: We actively work to reduce the impact of production on the environment. By utilizing renewable resources, we aim to reduce energy consumption and emissions, and we also manage waste responsibly.
  • Social responsibility: We believe that our actions should benefit not only our employees but also the communities and society as a whole. We place great emphasis on providing fair working conditions and promoting employee well-being.
  • Economic sustainability: We observe and support fair business practices. Our goal is to create long-term value by satisfying customer needs, ensuring company growth, and promoting economic development.

ISO 9001

The certificate is an international standard for quality management. It attests that the company adheres to the requirements of quality systems, ensures customer satisfaction, and performs continuous improvement. The certificate is well-known and applicable in various industries worldwide.

Green belt

The eco-label "Green Belt" indicates that the company understands the importance of responsible handling of used packaging or environmentally harmful goods in preserving natural resources and the environment. It also shows a sense of responsibility towards the potential harm to the environment caused by its operational processes related to packaging or environmentally harmful products.


The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification is a recognized label that confirms wood or wood products are sourced from sustainably managed forests. It promotes responsible forest resource utilization, the preservation of biodiversity, and social well-being. The FSC certification verifies the origin of the products, obtained through adherence to stringent standard requirements. Certified products enable consumers to choose sustainable wood materials.


Neste Latvija is partnering with Zemguss printing house already for years. Company performs highly profesionally with sense of responsibility taking into account customer’s needs. We can recommend Zemguss printing house as a reliable partner.
- Neste Latvija
The collaboration with Zemgus has been lasting for 20 years! During these years, the works have been performed with quality and within the agreed-upon deadlines. If there was a need for a product to be ready by yesterday they are accommodating and welcoming. Communication is easy, and they can quickly react in various situations. We recommend Zemgus services to others as well. Looking forward to the next 20 years of collaboration!
- Tukuma Piens
The collaboration between the Children's Clinical University Hospital and SIA Zemgus LB has been ongoing for 6 years. They accept orders for all types of printed materials, stickers, banners, etc. Excellent customer service and quality of work. Zemgus LB will always do everything possible and even the impossible to fulfill the client's wishes within the specified time and quality. We are very satisfied with our collaboration and hope to continue it for a long time.
- Children's Clinical University Hospital
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