We provide offset, digital, large-format, and roll-to-roll printing. To choose the right printing technology, you should consider several important aspects. Here are a few key ones:

  1. Purpose of choice. What objectives do you want to achieve? Do you need simple text printing or high quality and detail in images? What kind of final product would you like to see - a folded booklet or a spiral-bound brochure?
  2. Material type and post-processing. What type of material would you like to print on, and what post-processing methods are you considering - folding, foil stamping, UV coating, gluing, or die-cutting?
  3. Print quantity and budget. If you require large quantities (around 500, 1000, or more), offset printing will be more cost-effective. However, if you need personalization or printing small quantities (even just one), digital printing is a better choice. Our employees, with their knowledge and experience, will help you find the best format for your product.
  • Offset printing ensures high quality and precise image detailing. It is one of the most widespread and traditional printing techniques. This printing method can be well-adapted to various paper and printing materials, allowing for high-quality results. It is designed to print a wide range of products, such as booklets, books, magazines, brochures, posters, and other items.
    Offset printing utilizes metal plates with images and text, which are inked and transferred onto rubber cylinders. These cylinders then transfer the image onto the material. It is capable of printing a wide color range and ensures consistent color transition. This method is efficient for printing large quantities.
  • Digital printing.This printing method is most suitable for situations where quick, personalized, and high-quality printing is needed for small print runs. In digital printing, the file is transferred to a printing device, such as a printer or digital press, which then transfers the image onto paper or other printing materials.
  • Roll label printing. Roll label printing is a printing technology used to print labels and stickers. This method is a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to print a large number of labels, ensuring high-quality results. It is particularly suitable for cases where label printing is required in mass production or large quantities.
    Roll label printing operates using a label printing machine equipped with a paper roll. The label design is transferred from the printing machine onto the material. Afterward, the finished labels are cut, trimmed, and prepared for use.
  • Large format printing  is a specialized printing technology that allows for high-quality printing on large surfaces such as posters, advertisements, and banners. Large format printing is widely used in the advertising industry to print posters, banners, roll-ups, vehicle graphics, and other large formats. It provides the opportunity to create visually appealing and eye-catching materials that can attract attention and promote brand or product recognition.
    A large format printing device, also known as a poster printer or plotter, is equipped with a large printing head that moves along the surface of the material and prints directly onto it. These machines are capable of printing on various materials such as paper, fabric, vinyl, film, and others.

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